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Using local sim in iPhone 7 abroad

I am travelling to Thailand and would like to use my iPhone 7 and all its functions whilst away is calls, messaging, maps, internet, mail. Cheapest way is to use a local sim but how do I check if my phone is locked with O2
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Re: Using local sim in iPhone 7 abroad

Try another sim before you leave.
Unlocking help here
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Re: Using local sim in iPhone 7 abroad

Use a DTAC or TRUE local sim but take your passport to one of their stores in the shopping malls or precincts. Whatever you do, don't be tempted to get one at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

There will be hordes of people there being dealt with very slowly and being charged way over the prices from the stores.

You should be able to get 6-8GB of data for around £8.00 a month. It's still worth getting if you aren't there for a full month. No texts or calls are likely to be included for that but you can top up 100 bahts a time (£2.00ish)at 7-11 stores which will allow you to keep in touch with the UK. 

If you are a contract customer. Then get the best of both worlds by using TU over wifi to use your UK text & call allowances. You don't need your O2 sim in the phone so there will be no hidden charges. 

If you need any more help just ask 😉 and above all, enjoy the beautiful land of smiles. 

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Re: Using local sim in iPhone 7 abroad

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