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Mislaid my phone

Hi all,


In the process of moving house and have mislaid my iPhone 5S - been 48hrs now without it. I don't want to report it stolen as I'm 99% certain its in the house or car. I haven't signed up to Find my Phone. what should I do?


Do o2 have a location service although I suspect the battery has discharged by now? Can I getr them to see if calls have been made?  - it is password protected.


I may not respond immediately as spare phone doesnt have internet.


Many thanks


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Re: Mislaid my phone

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Hi @Anonymous In any case of lost or stolen devices you do have to report them asap to O2 and they will block the phone ...

Follow this guide https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/Other-Products-and-Services/Lost-or-Stolen-O2-Device-How-to-Report-it/bc-p/1023990#M54

If it has been picked up by someone, you will be charged for the usage. If insured you need to report it to the insurers...It's a matter of some urgency.

If you do eventually find it, then a call to O2 will remove the bar from the phone

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Re: Mislaid my phone

Although it's still worth trying here first https://www.apple.com/uk/icloud/find-my-iphone/
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Re: Mislaid my phone

Hey @Anonymous sorry to hear you lost your phone in the move! Did you end up finding it??

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