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Full Signal to no service - iPhone 5s

I have had my iPhone 5s for a year now, and recently it started dropping from full signal in my home to no service. I have had a new sim sent out and have swapped it over but still the same problem is occuring. Even when it occasionally shows I have signal, all calls I make say "call failed", and I can't send texts either. I recieved a text from o2 about my new sim around 16 hours after they sent it. I have also reset my phone to factory settings, and downloaded iOS9 again via my computer, ruling out there was a problem with the update.


My phone is on contract, I have no insurance and no extended warranty. Will I have to pay for a new phone?

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Re: Full Signal to no service - iPhone 5s

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Hi @Anonymous Have you checked your network signal here?


Also a self help thread from one of our members @adamtemp64


Not sure if your phone is over a year old but giving Apple a ring may be of some help..


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Re: Full Signal to no service - iPhone 5s

Is this just at home or everywhere?
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Re: Full Signal to no service - iPhone 5s

If you live local to an Apple store just call in to the genius bar and they will be able to run some diagnostics to determine if it is a fault on the handset
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Re: Full Signal to no service - iPhone 5s

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is your local area being upgraded to 4g ?


or you could be on a fringe area try manually selecting 2g then 3G then 4g to see if you hold a stable 2g/3G/4g connection etc

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