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Travelling to Egypt next week , will my iPhone 6 work or do I have notify 02 that I will be travelling there ?
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Re: Egypt

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Hi @Anonymous

It will work but the costs are very high in Egypt. Have a look at this link and scroll down to the 'Rest of the World' Zone 3 and 6 countries.


You would be well advised to turn off voicemaIL..mobile data and data roaming. Use Wifi wherever you can. This way you can stay in touch with family and friends via Skype, whatsapp or messenger (as long as those people you want to get in touch with have the same apps)

PS It isn't necessary to let O2 know you will be out of the country but I have to admit the first time I went abroad I did contact them. (I didn't want any issues) Smiley Wink

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Re: Egypt

Ok thanks for the advice
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Re: Egypt

If you are monthly contract download TuGo and use it over wifi in Egypt to use your UK allowances.

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Re: Egypt

also use free messenger apps such as FB messenger, whatsapp & viber