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Data says im not subscribed

my phone wont let me use my data and keeps saying. You are not subscribed to a cellular data service
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Re: Data says im not subscribed

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Have you got the idata bolt on?

Also look at this



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Re: Data says im not subscribed

Text the word Active to 2020 save the settings that get sent back and reboot phone.
You can also go into network settings, scroll down and choose reset.
If all this fails you are on the wrong data apn, but let us know about the above first pls.
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Re: Data says im not subscribed

Check in My O2 to see if you have the idata bolt on. If not call customer service to get it changed over.

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Re: Data says im not subscribed

Hi @Anonymous


Did you follow the advice that the users pointed out? Did you check that you have the idata bolt on? Did you text Active to  2020 and reboot the phone?did you go into network settings and chose reset? If you let us know we can help you further