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Unlatching code

I requested an unlatching code recently and have now got my new sim card from new provider and put in phone unlatching code was not recognised  and was not able to use phone went into local 02 shop this morning they requested another code I have received e mail this evening and unlatching code is exactly same number as before I'm too frightened to try again as my phone could be locked for ever

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Re: Unlatching code

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Have you followed the advice here https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/How-to-Guides/Unlocking-an-O2-phone-to-use-a-different-SIM-card/ba-p/1...

I will mention @EmilieT one of our community managers to see if she can help.

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Re: Unlatching code

Good afternoon @Sparklygranny, how are you getting on with this today? It'd be great to hear if you followed the process above, and if you still need help, as I'd happily get someone on my end to check what's going on for you if you need Smiley Happy


Thanks @Cleoriff for the info and the mention!

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