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Huawei no longer getting Android securityupdates.

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Google announced they're no longer working with Huawei. So this means no software updates including security updates.

I'm 1 month into a contract with a P30, would they let me swap handsets? Don't feel like going 2 years without feature or security updates!
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You beat me to it @Cleoriff  wink


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I got the Huawei P30 Pro on 7th May on refresh. The 14 day return period ended on 21st May so now am going to have to keep up the payments on it, but if things don't get resolved then this is an expensive item to have. It is expected that as this is a high end phone that any Android update is given to these phones and I sincerely hope it will be upgraded from P to Q and so on other wise you are being ripped off if it is not updated regularly when lower priced handsets are. Another problem that may be unrelated is that there is still no word on when access to WiFi & 4G calling will be provisioned on this handset. Again, it is just in my opinion, that these services should be active within the network on these high priced phones when they are available to buy. I got this directly from o2 naively thinking that it would be ready to use o2 services like wifi and 4g calling but no-one knows if and when this will get provisioned yet the service works when a pay monthly sim from EE or Vodafone is put in the phone. Lastly I looked into maybe swapping to another phone paying off this P30 Pro refresh contract reluctantly as it is a great phone, but paying these prices you expect to have up to date features and software upgrades to keep the phone current. I was very concerned though to see that the other day the o2 recycle trade in value was a paultry £425 for the P30 Pro that I've had for 15 days, but today the trade in price has gone down to £275. There appears to be no sign of any assistance for customers who are paying for something that could potentially be not fit for purpose if no further agreement is reached after the 90 day grace period that's been given. 

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Hi guys, 


We now have a Q&A on the Huawei situation live on the community. You can read the Q&A here. 


If you have any questions that are not answered in the Q&A please drop them in the thread and we'll do our best to get them answered for you. 

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There needs to be something done about this by a consumer protection body or similar. "If" things do not improve and Huawei phones cease to be supported a lot of people are going to be £100's of pounds out of pocket. It's alright to say we have nothing to worry about until 19/08/19 but there's no guarantee that things will change after that. In the meantime there's nothing you can do if you have passed your 14 day return period and that's what needs reveiwing under these circumstances. While it is not o2 or other networks fault regarding the Huawei issue, equally it is not the consumers who have bought these products. The networks aren't going to lose out as much as everyday people are especially if you have only just got a new phone due to them only being recently released. You have either bought it outright or are going to be paying for it for up to 3 years when it could be potentially worthless and by the looks of things at the moment you cannot get a decent return for trade in or renewing o2 refresh, since yesterday they have knocked another £175 off the trade in value and are now offering a scandalous £100 for the P30 Pro rage that's at least £300 they have knocked of the trading value over the last couple of days. The P30 Pro cost well over £800 and has only been released recently released and it's value has lost over £700 according to o2 recycle this week.  

My Payment

HUAWEI P30 Pro 128GB

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Odds of O2 doing anything about this? Zero.
The Mate 20 Pro is now worth £75 yet O2 are selling refurb units for £456 and new units for £556.
I am still of the opinion they should be offering customers on contract an early get out and those who bought the phone outright a discount on a new device / contract...
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Let me tell you something, this restriction might hit DJI drones too, and then they'll be outrage
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Iv had anoth of my P30 Pro no WiFi calling and soon no Google really wish I hadn't had one and stuck to samsung
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