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Galaxy Note 8 started showing duplicate "sent" SMS

Any ideas please, Galaxy Note 8 on O2 pay monthly. Recently any sent SMS messages are showing up twice on my screen. The recipient only gets the one copy. They both show up immediately, no delay involved. Tried online Guru who talked me through a couple of things and decided my SIM was faulty. Received the new SIM but the same problem persists. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Galaxy Note 8 started showing duplicate "sent" SMS

Hi @johnboy

Are you using more than one messaging app?

You may need to clear your phones cache and cookies


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Re: Galaxy Note 8 started showing duplicate "sent" SMS

Facebook messenger can cause this so if you have messenger on your phone, try deleting and reinstalling the app or if not used, just delete it and leave it.
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Re: Galaxy Note 8 started showing duplicate "sent" SMS

^^ that.
My OH has this occasionally.
It only shows in the app as sent twice though - never had a duplicate arrive.
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