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Disney+ Extra *UPDATE*

Good morning folks Following on from the announcement shared in November, that Disney had launched a new Disney+ pricing structure with three separate plans: Standard With Ads, Standard, and Premium. We now also have some exciting news to share From ...

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Dave-O2 by Community Manager
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O2 System Updates – 360

Hello everyone, Last year we shared this update around some changes that we’re making to our systems. Since then, we have started the process of migrating customers onto our new platform and this will continue in batches throughout 2023. The aim of t...

ColinO2 by O2 Social Media Team
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Future O2 products & services. Get involved!

Hey everyone . On the O2 Community, we regularly connect members with teams at O2 to help test new/existing products and services. The feedback, comments and ideas that are shared by members have a huge impact on our decision making. Want to get invo...

Martin-O2 by Former Staff
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Phishing, Smishing & Scams. Latest info & advice.

DECEMBER 2022 UPDATE - Christmas Scammers Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock, scam texts chime and we see a rise in crime, fraudsters advancing and enhancing, so we need to beware, we don’t want them to ruin your Christmas cheer. During the f...

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Chris_K by Former Staff
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Welcome to the O2 Community! Introduce yourself here!

Hi everyone! Thanks for joining the O2 Community! (Or if you haven't yet but would like to, you can register here!). I'm very happy to welcome you here. The O2 Community is a great place to get help and advice on O2 products and services, provide fee...

Martin-O2 by Former Staff
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O2 Wallet is here

Exciting news, We recognise that today, people want to do everything quicker. And that includes paying for things. While you might leave the house without your wallet or purse, you'd never leave home without your mobile. So we had a thought. What if ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Life with Technology!

Technology seems to be a part of our everyday life nowadays. From mobile devices to notebooks, gadgets that consist of new technology have become a part of our daily life. Students from an early age are now using some form of technology for enhanced ...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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Rain & your phone!

Have you been looking at the weather recently? Feeling gutted, as it has been pouring 24X7. "Rain rain go away my phone doesn't want to come out and play!" Not anymore, check out this cool concept -

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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Forum changes...

Hello Everyone,As mentioned briefly in the past, we’re looking to upgrade our forum platform in the coming months. We’re making some huge investments to improve our forum and enhance the forum community. I’m happy to say that the project is progressi...

Abs by O2 Social Media Team
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