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Re: Now TU Go has finished, I'm being charged for calls!

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OK, I've received a letter in response to my complaint.  It came from [personal details] of the Complaint Review Service.


[personal details]


My complaint has not been upheld.  No surprises there as it is obvious all O2 customers have been given short shrift.


Pretty much the same old, same old.  Repetition of basically what I stated in my complaint and repetition of false regrets for having to close TuGo.  Information and links to the dedicated area on the website are given where it gives you a list the compatible devices that work with the alternative system to TuGo. We all know this list is nowhere near comprehensive and hasn't being updated since the day it was published, (indicating that their statement regarding work being carried out to get more devices up and running is not happening and false).  Information basically which we were all aware of, certainly I was anyway.


Also information stating that there are alternative apps to be found on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store that can be used, but fall short of naming them because they are third party.  We all also know that these will not work as well as TuGo because the other person you are calling also has to have these apps installed and you cannot call a landline with them.  They fail on all accounts to offer this sort of information.


They have taken the easy option and applied a credit to settle the remaining Device Plan and this will reflect on my next bill.  I only have untill April and my phone would have been paid for anyway, so whoopee do!  Would they have done the same thing if I was only a couple of months into my contract?  I doubt it.


I am waiting in trepidation for the next bill.  I don't trust them.


Miss goes on to say that at this time the CCA will close down and I will be able to upgrade again or request to cancel.


Well fat chance of me upgrading!  I'm off!


Trouble is I have to *beep!* about with my phone and completely severe the ties with O2 which involves me going into a shop because I can't do it.


I then have to look for another shop with EE on it and negotiate a SIM only contract.  Even if I cannot get Wifi calling, the way I see it if it means a phone with no signal at home, (just like the situation with O2), then I would rather have a contact with no signal with another network than stick with these liars.


Of course the last bit informs you of how you can complain to the Ombudsman but they know you haven't a leg to stand on and 99 times out of a 100, the Ombudsman finds for the company you are complaining about.  So no point in that.


Miss has given me 5 working days to respond, or they close the case.  I have responded, (straight away), its been 4 days since I sent the response email, and as of yet I have still not had any acknowledgement.  If I don't get a response by tomorrow, (Friday), I will send it by snail mail and email everyday.


I would love to post a redacted scan of the letter just to see if it is anyway a standard send out.  If anyone can tell me how to do it, I will.


[Personal details removed; please do not post personal details such as email addresses on the forum]

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It's a pretty standard response. I did the same and compl...

It's a pretty standard response. I did the same and complained. The only difference is the offer I received. I already had a new phone paid in full and had renewed my contract in August they allowed me to leave my contract with no penalties. I'm with 3 now as of 2 days ago and they have an app that seems better than tu go and does exactly the same thing and I have a much better deal than I had with o2!
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Re: It's a pretty standard response. I did the same and compl...

Hi I too moved to THREE Do you mean the Three Go App? I have that and it does give me Wifi Calls and Texts, but not on the PC which I really liked with TuGo

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Re: It's a pretty standard response. I did the same and compl...

 Glad to hear you are happy with Three. We are hearing good things about their app. Unfortunately it doesn't work overseas so in that sense it's not as good as TU which helped home and abroad. 

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Re: It's a pretty standard response. I did the same and compl...

I've been following this disscussion since O2 sent out the notice of closure. I waited until they finally pulled the plug the called them to complain. They wrote off my last month and gave me my PAC code (sim only). Tried with my girlfriend's contract but they wouldn't relent because she had a year left and a phone with them (not refresh).


I know alot of you have mentioned that you have moved to Three because of their app but have you taken a look at Freedompop.

They have two sims: One runs on Three in the UK with 4G. It's a MVNO network that roots calls and texts through Three's data network but you can buy primium voice which roots calls over the voice network, making it more reliable. 

The other runs in several countries with free Whatsapp but only 3G.


The major benefit with Freedompop is their app. It works just like TUGO and on most devices.

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TU Go is closing 30th November

Thread title back to the OP and yes I have been reading up about fredompop.

Not taken the plunge yet though.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: TU Go is closing 30th November

Freedompop doesn't get particularly well reviewed  https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/freedompop.com


I had a look on their forums and there are many threads about problems and few that I looked  into have solutions.

The charging structure is 'interesting'. For example, roll over of unused data is charged for, you get charged for joining, for moving your own number to them, for being provided a new number... 

I can't find any long term reviews of using it in real life. A week from Engadget as an extra phone back in 2015 was just pointless, though the comments are not positive. 

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Re: TU Go is closing 30th November

It's certainly not one I would personally be interested in. 

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Re: TU Go is closing 30th November

Funnily enough I looked at it last night when the suggestion was posted. I wasn't that impressed so thought I must be missing something. Apparently I wasn't Smiley Sad

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Re: It's a pretty standard response. I did the same and compl...

My last post got edited.


It seems that you cannot publish even names or email addresses of members of staff off the Complaints Review Team so that others can contact them.


Anyway, I have resent my email to the person at CRT, because I haven't yet received the courtesy of an acknowledgement after 5 working days.  Five working days is what they gave me to respond before they automatically dropped the case.  I answered their letter with an email to the person who shall remain anonymous within 2 days of receiving their letter.


If you want to make a formal complaint in writing this is the address:


Complaint Review Service

PO Box 694


SO23 5AP


Tel: 0800 298 6881


I cannot add the email address because it will get edited out.


My personal thoughts at the moment ... I think PO Box 694 is probably a trash can where there are a lot of unopened letters!