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Community Rewards: April 2018

Hi all! I hope you're having a lovely day today.

It's that time of the month again...    Community Rewards! grin


Each month we like to recognise those many people who contribute on our community by asking and answering questions and participating in discussions on all things related to O2 and mobile, and just generally keeping the community a fun place to be. 

So a big thank you to all of you who have contributed; we would like to reward you with some credit towards your monthly bill or Pay as You Go balance. thumbsup


Additionally, we asked the community to nominate a guide, review, product test or walk-through that you felt made a great contribution to the community - the clear winner was the Samsung Galaxy S9 review by our member @viridis (go check it out, it's awesome!).


If you see your name on the rewarded members list below, please drop me a private message with the O2 number you'd like credited with your reward. 



Gold Reward




Silver Reward




@viridis - Nominations winner!



Bronze Reward






Copper Reward





























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If you'd like to take part, why not register? Smiley Happy

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Re: Community Rewards: April 2018

Well done everyone & thank you to the admin team 

thank you for my Copper Reward £2:50 ... I shall mentally double this up to £5:00 ... then spend it at my fave cafe & deli over a lovely crispy bacon & soft egg butty with a pot of Yorkshire tea & copper change to put into the charity tin ... not to forget to mention a lovely chat with the proprietors who have as good as become friends cake

PM to be sent shortly with my mobile number on

Special mention to @viridis for his winning the review reward ... it's outstanding yahoo

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Re: Community Rewards: April 2018

Many thanks @Marjo and congratulations to all Smiley Happy
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Re: Community Rewards: April 2018

Thanks @Marjo and the team.

Well done everyone and congratulations to @viridis for his well deserved reward.  Smiley Wink

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Re: Community Rewards: April 2018

Many thanks @Marjo and the community team for my Reward.

Well done all and special congratulations to @viridis for his fantastic S9 review. As @Marjo says it's awesome 😊

PM sent.
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Re: Community Rewards: April 2018

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Re: Community Rewards: April 2018

Thanks and well done to all.
PM sent.
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Re: Community Rewards: April 2018

Thank you. PM sent.


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Re: Community Rewards: April 2018

Thank You Smiley Happy
And congrats to the other Lovelly People!
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Re: Community Rewards: April 2018

Unforchannatly I cant use my reward as I'm not a o2 customer anymore maybe donate it to charity Smiley Happy @Marjo
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