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Happy New Year and Thank You for 2017!

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Hello everyone, happy Friday!

How has this year gone by so fast? open_mouth

2018 is almost here so we wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you, from everyone in the Community Team, for all your help and support over the past year. We have very much enjoyed being here on the forum with you all and are looking forward to it in 2018 too. smiling 

Achievements infographic


To celebrate these great achievements from all of you added together, which are worth highlighting and being proud of, we are happy to confirm that we got 20 O2-themed hoodies to give away!! nerd


If you'd like one (or if you don't, we still love to see you posting!), please reply in this topic to the question below. We will choose 20 quotes to receive a hoodie as a thank you for being part of our community.

--> UPDATE: The competition element for this topic has now closed. Thanks all for your participation. 

We have the winners for the 20 hoodies!

See the list below, and if you find yourself on it, please send me a Private Message with your address (with your size if you haven't mentioned it yet) so we can send you the hoodie. thumbsup

More info


What has been the best thing for you about being part of the O2 community?

(Also, please include a hoodie size in your reply, or if you'd prefer, PM me with it - this will help with preparing the hoodies quicker).


party party party party party party party

Happy New Year everyone!

party party party party party party party


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@maryofdungloe wrote:
Oh cool it is the same hoodie the people in the o2 shops wear, the dark blue ones with o2 logo in white?

Yes it is....:smileywink:

*The Game Is On*

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Heyies Peeps,


Mines short sweet an simple haha, 

The need for connection and community is primal, as fundamental as the need for air, water, and food. but also to grow and excel, My reply is below thought


What has been the best thing for you about being part of the O2 community?


I think the wittyness and the banta between memebers and staff is epic at times i still have my cookie haha and that everyone has there own mind and thoughts just like i believe in unicorns hehe and really able to help even with blows and the vanishing posts dam stroom troopers thought I would not change a thing other than what will the next 12 months bring ^_^'1


I am not sure what else to say thoughties i think i am doneies, 


EmoLMarrio (large)

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Pose your query clearly and concisely, and you can expect a friendly and helpful reply, especially if you make it a little light-hearted.


Helping others is a pleasure in itslelf.  Estimate the level of the questioner, and reply accordingly without showing off, and gratitude will follow.


Hoodie size?  I'm an average height "slim" adult male runner - some would say "thin".  I might be a bit too old for a hoodie, but if I'm a lucky winner, I can easily find a good home for it! 


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Hi Marjo/O2


The best thing O2 has consistently done for me it’s:-

Provided an exceptional continuous mobile upgrade path from Android to Apple -multiple mobiles and latest tablets including iPhone 6/Ipad pro 10.5 -previous devices recycled via O2 helping the environment at a generous rate,whilst delivering highest quality Telephony and Retail Customer Advisors!

Medium hoodie please (slim 14” neck 32”waist)

iPad Pro 64gb silver

iPhone 6 64gb silver.
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The best thing about the forums is that I get better support than I do over the phone!


XL size

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Happy belated new year sorry it's been a very busy november and december for me and now still busy due to the flu bug that doing the rounds the now So looking forward to see what 2018 is gonna bring us all and hopefully it will be a better year for everyone. I find the forum very helpful and proud to be part of that helping each others with advice that works or a problem with their phones etc we all stick together to make this forum what it is slight_smile

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Of course you do wink
You could once be proud to say you worked for o2 but that’s fine a long time ago!
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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thanks guys, i love this forum and i don't love the fact that we've all lost TUGO! and i love a hoodie! xxx


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The best things about the forum?


It's friendliness, you can come here with a problem and know that their are some knowledgeable and friendly people here willing to help you fix your issue.


Also you can come and just hand out if you want to, have some fun.


And if you are feeling really helpful you can help answer some questions other members may have yourself.






(Hoodie size: The biggest size you have please Embarrassed )

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The best thing for me in 2017 about The Community was that I got immediate responses - an£ a very understandable explanation - to my concerns about the loss of the facility to text over broadband.

my hoodie size would be L. AndyB.


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