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Re: Community Spotlight: Welshsteve76

Of course it didn't help that we waited 8 hrs to get into our apartment in Gran Canaria. We landed in the middle of the night and there was still someone in it!! So we got in about 11am. The first thing I did was put the kettle on for a cup of tea (using water from the tap) Imagine my horror when I poured the milk in and it sank to the bottom of the cup!.

I had to take a mile walk to find somewhere which sold bottled water.

We could see the sea. but had to cross Maspalamos Dunes to get to it (burning our feet as we crossed) Not a holiday  I remember with any fondness at all joy

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Re: Community Spotlight: Welshsteve76

@jonsie wrote:

No, I wasn't impressed with Gran Canaria nor Fuerteventura. Lanzarote we went to in January, two months before my wife passed away so I look back on that holiday with sadness as she wasn't well at the time. For that reason I wuld never go back there.

Sorry to hear that @jonsie worried