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Community Spotlight: RyanK1992

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Hi everyone, 


It's been about a month since our last Spotlight, so we thought it was about time for a new one!


This time we focused on a relatively new member, who has been joining in on some convrsations both on and off-topic more and more - we're so happy he agreed to answer some of our questions, and hopefully this will help you get to know him better too! Don't hesitate to ask him anything else you're curious about in the comments, and without further ado I present to you ...


💡 @RyanK1992  💡


Spotlight banner


What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Ryan and I'm from a small town called Wishaw ; about 30 minutes from Glasgow!


What do you like best about the O2 Community?

I like the fact you get to interact with other o2 customers and get support with your devices etc but also get to interact on a more personal level on the off topic boards too!


Takeaway or homecooked?

I've been more takeaway however I'm TRYING to be healthier so opting for the more homecooked approach lately.


Would you ever try space tourism, if you had the money for it? 🚀

I'd be all for it.... as long as I could see the return ticket of course Smiley Wink


Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

Winter for sure ; as much as I love Winter, I don't really like driving in it though!


What smartphone feature (no matter how crazy) would you actually be excited for a company to implement?

Instant weight loss would be fantastic.... gone would be the days of feeling the guilt at eating a takeaway (See above question!) when you could instantly reverse it's effects through your smartphone.


What does your perfect breakfast look like?

Being from Scotland, you cannot beat a Roll and Square Sausage!


Would you rather be able to talk with Animals or speak all foreign languages?

I think I'd rather be able to talk to animals. While speaking all foreign languages would be cool too, I'd most likely not use about 90% of that knowlege so it would be a waste really.


What skill or talent would you most like to learn?

Probably play the guitar!


Trick or treat? 🎃

Treat for sure Smiley Happy


What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love doing video editing in my spare time. I've also got a degree in broadcasting so it's good to put some of that to use! I did also do Hospital Radio in my spare time but had to give that up unfortunately.


Thanks again Ryan for playing along, this was a lot of fun to prepare with you Smiley Happy Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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Re: Community Spotlight: RyanK1992

Nice to hear more about you @RyanK1992.
While i am from a little further south, i am also a fan of the lorne sausage and i have recently conviced my daughter of their awesomeness!
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Re: Community Spotlight: RyanK1992

Great to hear more about you @RyanK1992 

Love the thought of being able to talk to animals. We could learn a lot from them wink

My husband did Hospital radio in his spare time. He really enjoyed it.

Anyway great to have you here on the forum smiling

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Re: Community Spotlight: RyanK1992

Ah @gmarkj it's the best ever!!
Aldi came up with the 'Sausedge' a while back and it caused uproar in Scotland haha!!

@Cleoriff I loved Hospital Radio too. I do miss being involved with it though.
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Re: Community Spotlight: RyanK1992


Good to find out a bit about you @RyanK1992 

I'm a bit North of you and I'm another lorne sausage fan.  thumbsup

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Re: Community Spotlight: RyanK1992

Great to learn more about you @RyanK1992 .

As other members will tell you, I have a keen interest in radio broadcasting [especially the "pirates"], so was interested to see you have qualifications and was involved in Hospital Radio, which, in my opinion, is a very worthy cause and much appreciated by the patients thumbsup

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Re: Community Spotlight: RyanK1992

I did do student radio too but there was just something more rewarding about hospital radio @Mi-Amigo

I suppose knowing you're possibly the only source of entertainment for someone when they really need it, gives you a bit of a buzz if that makes sense.

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Re: Community Spotlight: RyanK1992

My husband who did hospital radio, was closely linked to the guys who used Radio Anker (in our area)

He was also a DJ in his spare time. Knowing that, they were only too happy to snap him up.

Not forgetting he had also done some previous voluntary work in the hospital where I worked.

That all helped. Whistle

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Re: Community Spotlight: RyanK1992

Lovely to hear more about you @RyanK1992 smiling

Hospital radio is very welcome when you're a patient

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Re: Community Spotlight: RyanK1992

I'll add it to the list of requests @WispaRed7 Smiley Wink
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