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Community Spotlight: Madasaf1sh

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Spotlight banner madasaf1sh


Hi everyone, 


Although it's not Friday yet, we've got a little surprise for you: the first community Spotlight of this month! Bouncy


This time, we asked some questions to @madasaf1sh, a member that most of you have probably seen around the boards, as he's been on the community since 2012. We hope this will help you get to know him a bit better - don't hesitate to say hi and ask anything else you might be curious about in the comments slight_smile


What's your name and where are you from?

My name is Andy and Im from Sheffield in Sunny South Yorkshire.


Why did you join and stay on the community?

I was looking for some information on the venerable o2 Joggler (if anyone can remember those devices), and went on from there, and I work in IT, and deal with mobile devices and UEM solutions so can give a different view point I hope to how things work when you deal with a 1000 devices compared to 1 or 2. Oh and im a geek slight_smile


Is there a story behind you’re username?

One of my first tech jobs was with PlusNet/Force9 in support and my home isp the now defunct Madasafish so i used it as a username on forums as a homage to a little bit of tech history


What would you do if you ever won the lottery?

Go and live at Sandsend on the Yorkshire Coast for half the year, the other half in either Ireland or just go travelling with the missus.


Cats, dogs, or any other ideal pet?

Dogs all the way.


Do you listen to any specific music genre and what's your favourite artist/band?
I listen mostly to Metal from Linkin Park, Bullet for my Valentine to Rammstein, but the favourite is Linkin Park..


Any hobbies besides this Community?
I do Photography, and have just started a degree in this, so will be good. I also enjoy Astronomy and Physics.

I also love to travel, and have been lucky to go to Hawaii twice, Washington DC, New York, Toronto, Most of Europe, Israel, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Manila, and still much more to see, but you cant beat coming home to the Peak District and the Yorkshire Coast.


If you could go anywhere this Summer, where would you travel to?
Japan and the Phillipines and Tel Aviv, I proposed in Tokyo last october and me and the missus are wanting to go back and we would do in a heartbeat, and i spent a few months in the Phillipines and Tel Aviv and wouldnt hesistate to go back,and sit on the beach with good food, and warm weather, and soak up the culture and go island hoping in the Phillipines.


You’re stuck at home on a rainy day - which tv show(s) do you watch?

Big Bang Theory, Simpsons and Futurama.


What’s the one food you would never give up?

That's a difficult one, as there are so many but if there was one it would have to be Cheesecake, its like a Terry's Chocolate Orange, it's mine and not for sharing slight_smile


Which future development in tech are you excited about?

5G will be an interesting propersition from an always on perspective, as will foldable phones, we seem to be heading back to a time of the Nokia Communicators and Psion Devices.


Thanks again for answering our questions @madasaf1sh, and have a lovely day everyone smiling

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Lovely spotlight @madasaf1sh 

Thanks for explaining the origin of your user name (I always wondered)

Great to see how much you have travelled.

I hope you do well with your Photography Degree wink

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Nice Spotlight @madasaf1sh


Good to hear you are from God's Own County / God's Green Acre (Yorkshire)

I am from Castleford, West Yorkshire but have been living in Skipton, North Yorkshire for over 20 years


Yorkshire Day was 1 August (last Thursday) did you celebrate ?

I went to a friend's home where there was a Yorkshire lunch for 6 of us old school friends


You live close to a nice part of the country ie Peak District ... do you or will you be taking any photos and posting them on the (Y)our Photos thread in off-topic ?


Thank you madasafish smiling


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Great spotlight @madasaf1sh it's always good to know a little more about someone. 

You share my love of travel and dogs and it's just a shame you were born the wrong side of the Pennines LOL


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We made sure we had Toad in Hole on Yorkshire Day 🙂 


I live about 20 minutes away from Baslow, and have family who live in Matlock and Darley Dale, so am always in the Peak District.. 

I will do, when i get the chance post some photos in the thread. 


@jonsie there is only one good side of the Pennines and its the white rose of Yorkshire tongue tongue 


@Cleoriff Thanks slight_smile 

Current Phone: Sony XPeria Pro-I and Motorola Razr 5G
I also have a Planet Computers Gemini

I work in IT as an Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Tools Administrator (Office 365, Slack and much much more) and manage hardware both Mobile and Desktop / laptop, my desk is a bit like PC World

We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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Good spotlight @madasaf1sh 


Nice to know a bit more about you thumbsup

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Good spotlight @madasaf1sh 

Glad to see your taste in music is decent wink




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Super spotlight, @madasaf1sh  - missed it last week as I was travelling the Costa Del Sol, but that's neither here nor there.


1 question - why Ireland for 6 motnhs? It's cold and wet, and gusty at the moment (having arrived back from 2 weeks in Spain early this morning, brrr!)!


Love the bit of history about madasafish ISP - I started out with Compuserve, and I remember when you could get 2 and 3-letter usernames or e-mail names at various sites, way back in the UUNet days - none of this "UserInitialsDOB" (or similar!) stuff so common today.




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