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Community Rewards: January 2022

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Okay campers, rise, and shine, and don't forget your booties ‘cause it’s cold out there… it’s cold out there every day.


No, this isn't a Groundhog Day topic 🐿❄️🌨. But, it is one that recurs on the community every month (just not every day 😉). This is the Community Rewards: January 2022 post!


But, what does that mean you ask? Well, every month, we reward a great bunch of community members who have taken the time to join, post, comment, chat, read and more in the O2 Community. You lot keep the community a fun, safe and helpful place.


In return, to show our appreciation, we would like to credit your next bill or PAYG balance 💰.


It's very easy. If you're on the list below (or tagged by me in the comments), please give me a Direct Message on the community with the mobile number you'd like credited. I'll then let you know your reward and get everything sorted for you.


@5161, @-DJ-, @68Simon, @ADB57, @adelphiaUK, @AJL, @AJPoppies, @Alan1984, @Alan2233, @Alan4919, @AlexanderMTTH, @Allan3, @Andrew1628, @Angel69, @anticpated, @Art9, @AuntieBertie, @AztecUK, @Bambino, @Ben14, @benlye, @Big-Tim, @Blades64, @blissgirl, @BobM, @Bogdan3, @Cbeet, @clairebear83, @Claudinhauk01, @Cleoriff, @ComaChameleon, @ConnieMag, @Crock, @DanHay, @DaveB1, @Daz4632, @Deansmith1, @DeeBee7, @Deep7, @Denbow, @djones2510, @Doogle96, @drbn, @Elpee, @Fabyon, @FairyFeet1964, @Fionnualamcg, @FIPC, @fitter, @flora123, @FLW, @GalWatch4LTE, @Gam, @GaryW, @Gavin89, @GeordieD, @Ghazanfar, @gingerfloop, @gmarkj, @gothick, @Help26, @highandmatty, @Hoppyshutch2001, @HP10, @Ian_McD, @Ian1970, @Impatient_user, @Jamesda, @Jebb218, @Jeffries, @Jml, @Joanne14, @Joe17, @JoJo18, @Jonny08, @jonsie...


A massive thank you again 😁. Looking forward to your messages.


More information:


P.S. I will reply to your messages as soon as I can! Please, bear with me. Thanks.


Do NOT post your mobile number below, please. This is a public forum. Click onto my profile, @lewys-gp, and send me a Direct Message. Thank you 😁.

Community Manager for the O2 Community 🙂
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Well done everyone!

PM on the way @lewys-gp 

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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No problem, all 😁.


You should have all been replied to now. But, if you haven't, please send me another message. Thanks!

Community Manager for the O2 Community 🙂
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I want to be more active and am huge fan of O2, Thankyou noticed my username is indeed in that list!


Maybe it was a rant but being on O2 Pay as you go since 2019 and always keep balance up to date, roll ons deals always kept going I have been given that cracking 10gb a month, roll up to 20gb. I was offered contract BUT prefer Pay as you go, good month will chuck couple of months credit, bad month use what I got.  My recent experience was good and they agreed! Recent 4G upgrades and huge improvment in South West Cornwall including village I live in nice new 4G mast, lots of signal, good speed.  What a lovely company O2 are and someone who had that rant in this forum just got given cracking deal.  I am staying with O2 forever!

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion and experience.
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