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Community Recap: July 2022

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Hey everyone!


July is gone and so is the first third of the summer. We had a lot going on last month on the community so let's take a look at the topics that caught mine, @Breanna  and @Martin-O2's attention. If you think we've missed something, please share it on the comment section below 😉


Amazing Content Created by You


The Games 🎮


White Room Quiz Mon 18 July 2022 - Odd Questions A-Z pt 1

In this first instalment of the A-Z series, @Mi-Amigotook us through some major twists and turns involving antiques, badges, currency, dimensions, extinction, flags, gold, and highway codes. Do you know what kind of creature was a Great Auk? If not, go check out the answers for this one!


White Room Quiz Wed 27 July 2022 Numbers Edition

Double bill for the WRQ as we had some great special editions of the quiz during July. This edition of the WRQ was a big challenge for everyone with no Silver Thinkers awarded. Everyone’s brain was in overdrive and even @Cleoriff  said it was the “hardest WRQ everrrrrrrr!”



The Discussions 🤔


Football session.

Who doesn’t like a bit of football chit-chat? Especially during the pre-season, the anticipation builds up. @Luke30 asked the community who’s looking forward to the 2022-2023 season and members have shared their opinions and wishes for the new season.


02 community

A little member appreciation post from @Pipstop78 had us reminiscing about the old days of the community. Incredible to see that a few of you have been around for 10+ years.


Which phone is better?

There’s no better place for shop talk than the O2 Community. Members had a great discussion comparing the iPhone XR, SE, and 11 so if you’re after a new iPhone, it’s definitely worth taking a look. The jury’s still out on this one!


The Events 📅


Hwyl fawr, O2 Community 👋

@lewys-gp offered us his reluctant farewell in the last week of the month.He’s on to bigger things but has promised to check in on us from time to time. We’re all wishing him the best of luck in his new endeavours.


Howdy, O2 Community!

As one community manager goes, another joins in! @Breanna introduced herself on the community sharing some background and a cute pic of her 🐈. Many members have warmly welcomed her and her co-pilot Micky.


[Announcement‌] 😎‌ Summer 2022 on the O2 Community 😎

With summer in full-swing we announced the Month Full of Summer event. Many of you put your names on the calendar with some super interesting topics. Keep your eyes peeled for those all throughout August. You can still join in on all the fun so check out the list of topics and send us a message if you want to sign up!


News, Updates and Announcements 🗞


What is New?


Nothing Phone (1). It's here. Pre-order on O2.

The launch of Nothing Phone (1) was highly anticipated among the technophile crowd. @Chris_K got us the scoop and answered all our techy questions.We’re looking forward to the first reviews of this one on the community.


O2 Community email notifications: now with a new look!

Much appreciation to our community going out for this one. We had an awesome discussion regarding the new email format with so much constructive feedback. It’s a major accomplishment for the whole team and something that’s been on the to-do list for (seriously) ages.



It was nice looking back on July! Thank you for another great month.


Looking forward to all the midsummer activities that are happening on the community this month 😎☀️.

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July went very quickly @RafaC .Sorry to see Lewys go but wish him well. Lovely to welcome @Breanna to the madhouse 😂

A great deal of questions from new members about going abroad. We could use the brilliant Guide: Roaming MegaGuide by @Chris_K 

I certainly did say one of @Mi-Amigo's WRQ was the hardest everrrrrr! 😂

Great to see the start of the Summer Celebrations and joining in with the fun.

Well done everyone. x

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The way I see it @Cleoriff, summer months always fly by too fast.

Well done everyone indeed, it was great to be around the community during July 😎



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JULY 2022 on the Community 

Well done everyone answering queries on the Community forum, as usual.  Joining in the quizzes, diamond games  discussions etc.

Bye to @lewys-gp  enjoyed your company and good luck and best wishes wherever you go 😊

Hello @Breanna welcome look forward to getting to know you, good intro blog and welcome 🐈 

Summer on the  o2 Community started so 👍 



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July was a blink and you'll miss it month. Not helped by trying to finish everything at my old job before starting a new one!

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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Thanks to everyone who joined in with the three-part White Room Quiz A-Z in July.

The month also saw us enjoying and commenting on The Lionesses in Euro 22 - and bringing football home with their brilliant win against Germany in the final.

Thanks should also be paid to all those who helped customers with their queries and problems.

Lastly but by no means least, it was a fond farewell to @lewys-gp who has gone to pastures new and a warm welcome to our new Community Manager @Breanna 


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