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Community Recap: February 2022

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Hi everybody!



We had so many romantic, fun, lovely activities and posts here on the community throughout February that we thought we should take a moment to look back on what happened last month on the O2 Community.

As it couldn't be any different, most of the content highlighted here comes from the Community LO2VE Week collaborative effort. So many great and enjoyable topics were posted as part of that event 💘

We may have missed one or two highlights, so if that’s the case, let us know by commenting your personal favourites!


Amazing Content Created by You

The Games 👾


White Room Quiz Mon 14 Feb 2022 - "Love" Edition


We all enjoy our regular WRQ on Mondays and Wednesdays but this time around @Mi-Amigo has created a special Love-themed quiz that pleased everyone who participated in it. There couldn't be a better start to our Love Week of events 💞


J9el’s find the lyric - ❤️ Edition


Back by popular demand, @J9el'Find The Lyric returned fittingly to our Valentine's Day special week. It's great to see how many of us are music fans on the community and these games are an opportunity not just for us to have some fun, but also to discover some precious tunes that we've may not known previously or had forgotten about them. 🎶


[LO2VE WEEK] ORM-MOC Word Scramble

After contributing to our special week of events with his great [LO2VE Week] St Dwynwen's Day (Dydd Santes Dwynwen) post, @lewys-gp saved the day and took charge of running the Word Scramble game, after a series of unforeseen events didn't allow me to do so (at least I had prepared it beforehand). It turned out it was for the better: he came up with a little trivia for each one of the scrambled movie titles, which made the game even nicer!! Two thumbs up for you mate👍👍



The Laughs 


❤️ 💔 One Sentence Valentines Love Story ❤️ 💔


Another untamed One Sentence Story topic was hosted by @Cleoriff  for our Love Week. But as you might have expected, it turned out that this was not-that-romantic after all, not only proving that we have a bunch of very creative minds on our community, but also that love hurts and that love can take you to places you may never have dreamed of 😅


Rumour has it that this may have been the last One Sentence Story we will see on the community. After so many great ones (Halloween and Christmas -  just to mention the two most recent) I'm sure that many of us will dearly miss these wild and crazy topics if that happens 😢


Community LO2VE Week Laugh


We were very lucky to have had a laugh-a-day throughout Valentine's Day week! I'm sure each one of you has your own favourite, but this one in particular did for me. Made me laugh out loud 😂
For those of us who have enjoyed them, you can always have a laugh on Wednesdays here on the community. Please keep them coming @Bambino ! 


Lovely Jubbly !


@MI5  shared this rather amusingly funny topic on the community, which I'm sure made a lot of people laugh. Nothing beats a good laugh! laughing



The Discussions


Love week poems


What a way to close our Love Week on the community! Nothing suits better the theme of love than a poem, right?  And we could count on @Pennywren  to deliver not only one, but two beautiful poems. Heartwarming indeed! ✍️


Love week menu


@TallTrees  was back with some excellent tasty tips for the food side of the Love Week. After all, what is romance without a good dinner between two lovers? Lewys and I even got a delicious Welsh Cake nod there 😊
Hard not to feel hungry after reading all those recipes and looking at all those pics yum 🍲


Neighbours...nobody watches Neighbours...


It's always hard when a show that's been going on for several years on the telly comes to an end. It kinds of become second nature to know that at a particular time that show is going to be on. @sheepdog  came to the community to share the news that Neighbours is going to be dropped by Channel 5. Some of regulars joined the conversation to share their thoughts about it. tv



The Events


💌‌ Community LO2VE Week ‌💌


The star of the month! Or should it be the heart of the month? 🤔😉

The topic that summarised all the topics that warmed our hearts this month. But in all seriousness the real stars (or hearts) here are you guys that have made another week of fun and beautiful content possible on our community! Lots of love to you all!


Six Nations starts this weekend. What's your predictions? 

The much celebrated Men's Six Nations has started on the 5th of February and that couldn't be missed on our community. There was even a rugby Valentine's Day related competition too! Not a bad month for rugby fans on the community, eh? 🏉



News, Updates and Announcements


What is New?


Samsung Galaxy S22 and Tab S8 - Pre-order now live


Not only highlighting the possibility of pre-ordering the new devices from Samsung, this topic also gave a brief summary of the capabilities of those gadgets, as well as including promotions that accompanied the pre-order of the newly announced devices.


 Virgin Media O2 offers support to those affected by events in Ukraine

@Chris_K was back to announce that Virgin Media O2 has removed charges for data use in Ukraine and will also credit charges for calls and texts to and from Ukraine and the UK, as a way to help any customers in Ukraine; and ensure that customers in the UK that need to contact someone in the country can do so. 



I hope you enjoyed the recap! 


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Great recap @RafaC . Lovely to see a summary of all the content. I enjoyed everything if honest.

Re the One Sentence Story, I made the decision it would be the last, simply because of the lack of people joining in nowadays. When we first started we had a large number of members taking part even just for one sentence. Now it appears to be 'carried' by 4 people only and it isn't enough. Maybe after a long rest, it may raise it's head again.😂 You never know. Lol.

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Great recap @RafaC and thank you for the mention.

There was something for everyone during the month and Love Week was a welcome additon.

As always, I thoroughly enjoyed the One Sentence Story and credit must be given to @Cleoriff for the amount of work she puts into each and every one of these - which I`m sure are enjoyed by all who read them. I can quite understand the reasons why this might be the last - due to lack of participants but hope that, maybe in the future, we wll see the return of OSS.   


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Thank you for a recap of love week @RafaC 

All enjoyed.


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Community Manager
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@Cleoriff,  @Mi-Amigo and @TallTrees I'm glad you all enjoyed being part of the community during February 😊

I agree, there was a little something for everyone and I enjoyed it all as well!

@Cleoriff I'm glad to hear that the One Sentence Story may raise its head again in the future 👀

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