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Access For All - Everything You Need To Know

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Hello and welcome to the O2 Community wave


This thread is dedicated to our members who may find it difficult to access any of our services due to a disability or personal situation.


Please find everything that you need to know below ↘️


Accessibility & Vulnerable Customers – How we can help


We believe that everyone should have access to the products and services they need to thrive in a digital world and that technology should be accessible to all. We want to help people in their homes, workplaces and communities have access to and enjoy the social, environmental and economic opportunities of connectivity.


We appreciate that our customers are different with diverse needs and some may need a little extra help from time to time due to their own personal situation, this may be a permanent requirement or just temporary if you’re going through a difficult time.


Our aim is to identify customers who may be vulnerable each time they interact with us and to ensure that they receive a consistent approach which takes into account their circumstances, meets their particular needs and delivers a great experience.


We offer a range of services to support you through these times, which include ↘️


  • Advice on Additional Support
  • Support for carers 
  • Power of Attorney and Deputyship
  • Alternative Formats
  • SignVideo interpreting service
  • Relay UK
  • 999 BSL – Emergency Video Relay Service
  • Directory Enquiries
  • Mobile devices
  • Bereavement
  • Problems paying your bill
  • Website Accessibility
  • Contacting O2
  • Experience within store
  • External support


More help and advice on each service can be seen HERE 


Accessible mobile phones


At O2, we want to make sure that everyone can enjoy phones and technology. We understand that for older or disabled customers, finding the right mobile phone or understanding how to use it can be difficult.


We support the Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative (GARI). Take a look at GARI to find a device with the accessibility features that work best for you. Found one you like? See if we stock it in our online shop. If you want to find out more or need help choosing, get in touch.


You can find more details on this HERE and more advice below ↘️


Android Accessibility Videos

Apple Accessibility Videos

A guide to personalising your phone


Access For You Team Support 


Our Access For You team can also provide additional support if required, you can call 03444632669 or we can get in touch using your preferred contact method if you fill out our Support Request Form.


Please tell us about your disability or personal circumstances, and the adjustments you need us to make for you. This information will be recorded on your account for future reference. The information you provide will help us assess your requirements and make any reasonable adjustments to how we work and communicate with you.


All information can be seen HERE 



If you've come to The Community for Accessibility support, please comment below.

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Only just seen this very useful thread.

I am physically ... & ... mentally disabled.

I believe we are all Vulnerable in this Our Very Very Unstable Volatile World.

Will need to seriously look at this thread professionally signposting Help for such as myself ... = ... Video for Android users, which is me. I know it is not going to be pretty = given my Permanent stance as Tech Novice.

However, it must be done ... & ... to bite the bullit ... with ... help highlighted in Blue to stand out.

I have had a serious telephone conversation with SKY following up a text I received from them ... & ... spoke to * name with-held * from their SKY Accessibility Team ... = ... long telephone conversation - I was scribbling everything down. Confirmation email(s) followed.

Having internal 'Heebie-Jeebies / Colleywobbles'


Wish Me Luck ... ... ... I shall Need It xxx 

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I agree with you @RunrigForever that this is a most useful and informative thread. 👍

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