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voicemail saying full when empty

My Voicemail is saying full when it's empty. I've changed phones and I've still got the same issue. My phone is iphone 15. I've been onto 02 numerous times over past four months but nothing gets done to fix the issue. Help appreciated.

Resolved! Genuine password reset email?

Hi all we had a password email reset link which i don't think we requested. if it was genuine how long would the link say it is valid for? I would expect only 30 mins or something... this says much longer.

No service

Why do I have no service on my phone?? I have paid my bill on time, my simple card is in, I've updated my phone and restarted it, and yet I have no service or signal?? I need my phone for my work and its been doing this since Sunday afternoon

Resolved! No signal for two weeks

I have had no signal on my O2 eSIM for past two weeks. I tried the network status checker and it says the mast near my home has issues. So I tried my phone in different areas but don’t have a signal anywhere.

VishnuP by Level 1: Joiner
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Phone number is wrong in my account

I have set up a new account, but our my number incorrectly on my account. So, when I am trying to sign in. It is sending the verification code to the wrong number.