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Taking too long transferring old number

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Since last Monday i've been messed about getting my old number transferred to O2 network. I've been lied to and thobbed off constantly and even told at that couldn't find my details and had to go pay monthly to get my transfer to go through successfully. On Thursday (7/3/24) I agreed to do contract because of the worry of losing my old number since it's linked to emails and accounts. EE disconnected the service to my number on last Tuesday 5/3/24..


So for over a week i've been without that number linked to important stuff I was told it would be done at the latest by Monday 11/3/24 since the new sim was activated Saturday 9/3/24. Because of the long wait and stress because I don't have access to certain stuff linked to the number i'm considering cancelling my pay monthly. Too many lies and stalling I just want to have my old number what's the problem? They have the correct details and pac code.

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I appreciate it's not much help, but We’re just customers like you but it sounds like you’ll need someone to access your account which can’t be done from here. If you message O2 on Facebook ( , Twitter ( or Instagram ( , they should be able to help you with this

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

Guide: Migration & porting into O2 

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