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Problems receiving text messages

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Hi all,

My phone (an Oppo Find X3 Pro) recently upgraded to Android 12 and all (asides from an irritating Bluetooth issue) was fine, but today it done a smaller update and ever since then, I've not been able to receive SMS messages.  

I've done some digging around my phone and have noticed that the SMSC number is showing '"+447802000332" ,145' - rather than my other half's Galaxy S20, which is also on o2 and is  showing +447802000332, without the '145' after it.  Could this be the root of the problem?  If so, it gets worse; every guide I've found seems to state that it's easy to change the SMSC number, but the number on my Find X3 Pro is greyed-out and I can't change it.  

I've tried selecting the 'Reset network settings' option and just about everything on the device and even, with some regret, done a full factory reset - but it's not made a bit of a difference.  I still can't receive text messages, the SMSC number still looks wrong, and now I can't even log into my Google account because I can't receive text messages!  o2 Customer services are now closed, too and don't seem to have a 'Live Chat' feature on their wesite, so I'm firmly lodged between a rock and hard place until tomorrow morning.  

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this, and how did you get it resolved?

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@ClockworkSatan See if there's anything in this guide to help you: Text Message Tips (not sent or received) - O2 Community

If you're still having problems, you can reach O2 via social media:
Facebook (, Twitter (, or Instagram (
Or you can call them on 0800 081 0255


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Thanks for the tips, but none of them have yielded any positive results.  You could eat your dinner off my SIM card, I can't change the SMSC number, selecting anything other than 'o2 UK' in a manual network selection just makes it switch back to 'Auto'. 

I'm at a complete loss.  I think I'll need to call o2 in the morning. 😞

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I would speak to Oppo, rather than o2, as it is there software that is causing the issue with the new Messages App from Google

Also follow the help guide from Google Below:


My Sony X-1 Pro has the SMSC set, with the 145 at the end and it works fine. 

This is a customer to customer forum, and there is no o2 support on here, and we do not have access to any personal or account information,

We are all customers like you and I don't work for o2,
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Thanks for the tip, bud.  Earlier today, I was playing around with the phone and, as part of my troubleshooting process, swapped my SIM into my partner's S20 (also on o2) and popped her's into my phone - and much to my surprise, both phones started working perfectly; I could send and receive texts on my phone with her SIM without any problems, and she could do the same with my SIM in her phone.

I ended up popping into an o2 shop, thinking that perhaps my SIM card was knackered, so they game me a new one, ported my number to it - but no cigar.  I still couldn't receive SMS messages.  They suggested I gave Oppo a call, so I did that and they walked me through a process of doing a network settings reset and setting reset with the SIM card out, but that didn't do anything.  


I called o2 again, and they went through some diagnostics with me - ultimately coming to the conclusion that something was wrong with my handset, so they've sent me a label so that I can post it into the repair service - but I'm still not convinced that there's anything wrong with the phone, particularly considering that my partner's SIM made it work perfectly.  

Could it be the case that there's something wrong with my account and/or number?  Is it possible that changing to a completely fresh number on a new SIM might fix the problem, rather than me going through the pain of sending my phone in and being without it for a week or more?

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I've got the same phone, and my SMSC is the same as yours ("+447802000332",145) and as far as I know don't have any issues with text messages in or out.

I am on Android 12 with the 5th Feb security update (version CPH2173_11_C.46).

Based on that I would say it is an account issue rather than a phone one.

Have you tried backing it up, removing the sim card and resetting to factory and starting again @ClockworkSatan ?

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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@ClockworkSatan You may have tried this but.....

With Google sms/chat can sometimes be difficult when you change handset.

As a first check,

Go into text, tap the 3 dots in the top right, select settings,  select Chat Features, turn off Enable Chat Features.

See if you can then receive SMS messages.

If that works, then turn back on Enable Chat Features and it should all update and start working properly

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Thanks - that's good to know, gmarkj.  For me it might be coincidental that my problems seemingly started after the CPH2173_11_C.46 update, but I can't rule it out as the root of the problem.  The fact that I've put the SIM card into an old Android 4 device I've had lying around and it's doing the exact same thing would definitely suggest that it's an account issue, if it wasn't for the fact that it works perfectly fine in my partners Galaxy S20.  I gave the device a full factory reset with the SIM out, various network resets and all sorts, but nothing made any difference. 


It's been a really frustrating couple of days, but I've had to come to terms with the fact that I'm having to jump through the o2 repair process hoops to get anywhere, so I sent it off for repair this afternoon.  I'm fully expecting it to return with the SMS issue still present - but at least by that point I'll have ruled it out as being a firmware/hardware issue with the handset and will be able to move to the next step in (hopefully) getting this issue resolved.  

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Thanks, Spenny.  I was fiddling with the chat features but sadly nothing seemed to make any difference.  As gmarkj suggested above, I've got a feeling that there's something screwy (technical term) happening with my account but the diagnostics that the o2 team went with me over the phone concluded that it was a handset issue, so I've (somewhat grudgingly) sent it off for repair.  Hopefully it comes back quickly!

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Hi, did you solve it 

Same issue here

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