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O2 fraud & uk customer service

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I reported on 17 July 2023 that an 02 mobile phone account had been opened in my name. I have been through various escalation departments including action fraud, multiple emails to the o2 fraud team, in addition to hours of being on the phone to 02. In January 2024 I was eventually put through to a customer service manager who confirmed this was a fraudulent account and was removed from my credit file.
They confirmed there is no direct line to the fraud team, however they would email me the outcome of the fraud case. I am again back to square one with no contact from the fraud team and when I attempt to call the o2 customer service line they eventually cut me off after hours of being on hold because they don’t understand what to do either. If anyone could help me get in touch with a uk customer service manager I would appreciate any feedback. This experience is extremely stressful and overwhelming spending most evenings getting nowhere. 

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We are just customers here and can only advise you to persevere with O2 I'm afraid.

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

Or you could try via socials ie

  -on Facebook ( , Twitter ( or Instagram (



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A difficult one as this Community no longer has O2 agents we can call upon.

Sometimes calling just after 8am may get you a UK based agent, but no guarantee.

You could do an official complaint but they are taking 8 weeks, but after that you could request a deadlock letter and go the the Communications Ombudsman

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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This might or might not work, but have you considered using Google to ascertain the details of the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of O2, and then sending an e-mail to that person.


There are posts on this forum suggesting that sometimes such e-mails get ignored, but on other occasions, an "executive complaints' team" get involved.


I suggest that it is worth a try.   

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