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I have tried to buy sim only contract from Uswitch. Recently I have changed my name but it hasn’t been changed from all the bank and stuff yet but when I tried to get the contract I have put my new name as MOTHIUR ******** but when I went to the eligibility check put all the bank detail it’s got clash with the new name. Afterwards I have put my old name but couldn’t get finish the order. I have use my nephews SIM card and spoken to your customer care about an hour but she ensure the blocked been taken off and I can order the SIM card from Uswitch after 24 hours. I have tried then at least 10 times but problem still remain the same. I went to the o2 store today but they couldn’t help me either. Could you please check this out and solve my problem. I will take two different sim deals from Uswitch. I have made an account where you will find everything. 
*********** is the registrerd number



Thank you 

and waiting for your reply 


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There is nothing anyone on this community can do to help, you need to make contact with o2, all the ways to contact customer services can be found here Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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Could I suggest @mothiur that you take out a PAYG SIM, spend a short time sorting out your bank etc accounts and then reapply for a SIM-only contract via Uswitch ? 


There are quite a few threads on this forum about credit checks and potential customers having issues with O2. I can well imagine you failing the credit check because your documentation is not in good order. 👍

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