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Esim problem with upgrade

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Hi all. Ordered an upgrade after 7 years with my old Samsung phone through O2 and opted for an Esim as O2 blurb seemed to suggest this was the way to go. The phone arrived the next day which was on the 16th April but no Esim package appeared.  This seems to be a thing looking at posts here. After going around in circles without being able to actually speak to someone I was eventually told to keep using the old plastic sim and a new Esim would be sent out in 1 to 3 working days. The plastic sim then immediately ceased to work which I have since learnt is because it is automatically cancelled with the new order so bad advice and help from O2 agent there. I then had no working phone and could not receive the activation codes to install the new Esim sent electronically. More going round in circles with the super frustrating O2 help which only works if your questions and answers fit within specific parameters. On the19th managed to get contact through the O2 help again. I asked for my old plastic sim to be reactivated as this seemed to be the solution to other people’s similar problem but was told they were unable to do this. A new order was placed for another Esim with another wait of 1-3 working days. This I was assured would posted and arrive promptly. So todays the 24th, no working phone, the new order says completed but I have received nought, and I’m off on holiday in 2 days time. A working phone would be most useful for hotel check ins, ferry travel to the outer Hebrides and general safety in case of emergency,breakdowns etc with the long trip. Any suggestions. O2 don’t seem to be able to sort but are more than capable of taking the first monthly payment from me

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Look in your MyO2, @Gibson1 - if it has been moved from the Legacy to the newer 360 system, it should look like this:


If not, an O2 shop, with photo id in hand, will be the quickest way. Good luck!

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Have you looked in your MyO2 ?

esim install.jpg

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