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Re: upgrading

@Cleoriff wrote:

I think it is store dependent on whether ID is required. However as piperdog has said its better to be safe than sorry.

When I took out a new sim only tariff I went instore to do it. I forgot ID but they checked my previous account and saw there was no problem. I also had printed  the email from o2 re tariff change...

If I had been a new customer I am sure they would have required ID

I remember when i first took out my contract, and i brought 2 forms of ID for the credit check. Didnt need any. They asked my name/dob/address and the credit check approved me straight away.


Did seem odd they didnt want any ID

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Re: upgrading

@Anonymous wrote:

has anyone had trouble trying to upgrade on line ?? i have spent two days trying to do this to no avail now im considering leaving 02 altogether im so frustrated and no nearer my upgrade !!!!!



what problem are you having?