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Re: sickened by o2 retentions last night

I've found the same. The people in store don't know as much as they should. I remember someone telling me a windows phone can be tethered via wifi when in fact i knew that software update wasn't being released for another month. I asked them to show me but they couldn't find the option, it was a fun ten minutes.

I have contemplated, and been told to, working on Saturdays at an O2 store as I can sell lots of correct phones to people, will the targets and get the voucher offers that my mates get for hitting targets.
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Re: sickened by o2 retentions last night

How rediculous that they would say this to you, especially considering its UTTER RUBBISH. When I called to process my upgrade to the iphone 6 I was told exsisting customers dont get a better deal than new customers.


So they really need to make their minds up dont they.

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Re: sickened by o2 retentions last night

I was with o2 from the days they call bt cellnet I agree their is no loyality any more. I will jump ship if and when a good provider comes.



We need more choice,  we only have TAX dodging vodafone, three with last year technology and EE


technically we only have 2 choices  EE or  O2 if you want some relativily good 4G network. They know that which is why they treat us like this,