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Re: locking my phone

Hi everyone,


I have closed off this discussion.


There are a number of conflicting opinions here as to what is and is not appropriate in terms of advice for the issue. The nature of an this place being an online community means that this happens and will continue to do so often.


To be a part of this community, we must all accept each others' different approaches to advising others (as long as it is not dangerous or risk-inducing). 'How to offer advice' is an entirely subjective view. Do you give the minimum info that is tailored completely to the question itself and nothing more, or do you think about the context of the issue and offer advice for the future or alternative solutions? There is no right and wrong answer.


We must all accept each others' differences to be a part of a community and if you have an issue with the actions of another, please use the inappropriate content button or PM me instead if creating a debate on a member's query thread, as the OP will then struggle to follow everything.


If you have an issue with anything I have said here, send me a message.



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