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live Chat

Theres a need to discuss a strange anonmily on my bill.  Chat is easiest as many will know telephoninhg over complex issues is personally difficult. 


Has Chat hours changed? I tried around 6.55pm got to the entry box but the section on monthly or PAYE etc stalled . After that the entry point had disappeared.

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Re: live Chat

@Jenny105 Go look at new phones in the shop pages and it will pop up 


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Re: live Chat

They were found by devious means this morning . Cant remember how .BUT its best to enlarge the message page to full screen I now believe the options were obscured last night.


Very successful Chat,  the agent answered my initial query. Then liaised with the Access Team over the Relay UK . A conference Call (bolt on ?) was added. Tomorrow I can try again to make a cALL.


It appears the Team are used to dealing with profoundly deaf people via BSL.  But it hadnt come to their notice that severely hard of hearing people can have issues with complex calls eg bank , Amazon.

BSL isnt of use . A chat type service is needed for those customers.  

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