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lend me a quid

Hi all does anyone know if O2 still provide their 'lend us a quid' service ?

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Re: lend me a quid


Not a Pay & Go customer myself so not 100% sure. One way to find out though is to check if the option for this product is still there.

Here are the details
You know how it is. You're just about to run out of credit and you really need to send a text saying you're going to be late. Or perhaps you need to make an urgent call about tonight's party. That's why, if you've got less than 50p on your phone, we'll lend you a quid until you next top up.

All you have to do is call the O2 Top-Up line on 4444 free of charge from your mobile and select the 'Lend Us a Quid' option. The service is free as long as you top up £10 in the next seven days and the £1 is repaid from that top-up, after which a charge of 25p is applied. You can find out more about it in our Terms and Conditions

Hope this helps
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Re: lend me a quid




yes they do which is paid back when you top up so be sure to take that into account ref the amount you next top up to cover this and your tariff cost on your anniversary date.