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Why is it so hard to get help from O2 these days?

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Hello all. First time poster as I am using this as my last resort...


Why is it so difficult to communicate with a communications company (02)???


I have recently had the misfortune of requiring help from 02 on a number of issues over the past few months and each time I need help I cant get speaking to anyone 😫.  When I try the chat functionality I get a message saying there are no staff available. When I call I get passed around a myriad of automated menus then eventually told "goodbye" by a robot. The only times I've actually got speaking to anyone is when I go to the "I want to leave option" and then I get ppl trying to sell me something before getting transfered to a queue for the help desk as this seems the only route to that desk.


The most recent event and reason for this post, is that I am in India, and was using data roaming. I got a message saying my £50 LIMIT was almost reached and that if I wanted to continue using data roaming I would need to call or text 02 to increase my limit. I continued using data thinking it would max out at 50£, but then received another text advising me that I was almost at 120£ limit and I should do the same to increase my limit! What part of limit and call us to increase the limit am I misunderstanding???!? Save to say i turned off roaming immediately. Only to be followed by messages and emails telling me if I didnt pay 155£ I would loose ability to use the phone... 1 day after the charge.... now, I've been an 02 user for a decade and haven't missed a payment, I am not sure what makes think I am going to run off now.

I then thought an email might help only to find out that laughably a communications company doesn't have an email address. I am at a loss now and hoping that an admin of this site can help?


1. Why does the warnings about data usuage refer to a limit and ask the customer to contact 02 to increase the limit and tben allow the user to go well over the limit without authority to do so? This is misleading to say the least. 


2 . What is going on with 02??? Why is it so hard to speak to anyone? Or email? Or chat?


This has left a sour taste in the mouth, not only to be hit with 155£ in charges , but also to be hounded for it immediately  ...


I am mindful to look for another service provider but would like to hear from anyone in the company first to find out what is going on!






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Hi @StevenDelta - sounds like you are stuck outside the UK and need help - I will tag one of the O2 Account Advisors here on the forum today, @O2Georgina - she should be on-line here now, watch out for a Private Message (envelope at top right, or click on your avatar top-right and select "Messages") from her shortly. Good luck!


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Did anyone ever contact you?


Having a similar problem when trying to make an insurance claim. The only way seems to be to call someone but no one is ever available. 

@O2 do we have to take to public social media channels with these issues to get them resolved? 


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Thanks for the tag @pgn 

@StevenDelta  I will send you a private message now

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The bit about getting passed around by robots on the phone is so true and so frustrating. 

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Hi @O2Georgina would you be able to help me with an issue i am having, i have registered for O2 Open to get discount through my company but i am not receiving the validation email and i have confirmed that the email is not being blocked anywhere?

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