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Why am I being charged extras


Secondo month in a row I have seen in my bill a charge for £3.75 for a premium message? I send nothing but text messages because I normally use WhatsApp. How do I get this sorted? Cheer's.
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Re: Why am I being charged extras

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Re: Why am I being charged extras

It sounds as though you have (unwittingly or no) subscribed to a premium service.
Check your bill but some useful links below:
There is also a petition on the forum asking o2 to review how people can sign up to these services - well worth sticking your name on it:
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Re: Why am I being charged extras


Also give customer services a call and ask them to place the following 2 bars on your account



  • Bar all Direct to Bill Debits
  • Premium Bar (calls to premium numbers, 090, 070 etc.)

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