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When Is Best Time To Hand In PAC Code?

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I am trying to figure out when the best time is for me to hand a PAC code in to a new provider.


Is it best to hand it in over 30 days before the end of the contract, or as close to the end of the contract as possible?


If my contract ends on the 30th August, and I hand my PAC code in 10 days before that date, i will still have to pay for 30 days? Do you get the money back as a refund?


Thanks for your help,


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When you text Pac to 65075 it will tell you how much you will have to pay to leave the network, so you can make an informed decision on that info. But, if the contract you are going for has a time constraint on it, it might be worth paying what your existing network provider says you owe to get that deal.
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Your PAC will be used by the new network around 2 days after you give it.

You no longer have to pay 30 days notice so O2 will only bill you up to the day your number ports out, so do it around the 25th Aug for maximum benefit.

Remember your PAC is only valid for 30 days so don't request it until August.

Guide: How to get your PAC [June 2021 Update] 

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Hi there @nmesmeric , hope you're having a nice Friday! Lots of useful info above about how the PAC process works so hopefully you got all the information you needed. Let us know if you have any further questions though at any point. thumbsup

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