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Upgrade phone but change number

Hi I would like to upgrade my phone and would like a new number how do I go about doing this?
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Re: Upgrade phone but change number

Hi @Xstaceyx 

When you order the phone, use the sim which comes with it.

If ordering online, then speak to O2 Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support 

You could also go instore.

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Re: Upgrade phone but change number

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Good Morning @Xstaceyx 


You can change your phone number one time for free by calling 202, which is a free call.

What I would recommend you doing is upgrading and once the upgrade has completed and processed through our systems, calling 202 to change your number.

Please keep in mind once they start the process to change your mobile number it can take some time and you have a point you will be without connection from the phone an adviser will inform you of the time frame and what to do.

I hope this helps.