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Unable to upgrade after being disconnected in error

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Hi, when trying to change my tarriff to sim only last year there was a mistake by o2 that meant I was receiving incorrect bills for a much higher amount, it went on for months and when the incorrect bills weren’t paid I was disconnected. O2 accepted responsibility for the mistake and apologised but I now have another problem. I want to upgrade from sim only to a new tarriff with a new device, I’m being told that I can’t for 2 months as not enough time has passed since the disconnection. When I spoke to upgrades I was told that customer services can remove the record of the disconnection as it was their mistake and I’ll then be able to upgrade, I spoke to a couple of people in customer services and they have no knowledge of this and say it’s not possible. The guy from upgrades seemed to be quite knowledgeable and told me that the process would take up to 24 hours, it seems to me that it is possible but it’s not something that customer services come across very often. Does anyone have a name for the process that they need to do or any information about how they would go about doing this? Thanks
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I guess you'll need help from @O2Simon on this.......

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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@MI5 Thanks for the tag @Dfisher will private message you.


Many thanks


O2 Simon

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The rules now are for no upgrade for 3mths after a failed payment etc, and Customer Services couldn't even change that.

I even escalated when it happened to me to the Exec Team, as even though everyone admitted it was their mistake they couldn't over ride it and even o2's IT couldn't fix it, and logged it as a bug.

So hopefully they have fixed but don't hold out much hope...

Hopefully o2simon can work some magic for you slight_smile
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