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Unable to get data while roaming in Norway

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         I recently upgraded my old phone to a Samsung A32 on pay monthly. I was in the UK and the data was working fine when I was away from wifi. I got sent on a job on a ship in the North Sea, we make port calls so we can get cellphone service. Other people have switched on data roaming and they get 4G immediately at full strength I get EDGE. I have added a data bolt on even though I have only used 6Gb of my allowance (12Gb) so I know that I have data left to spare.


I have enabled data roaming


manually selected 3G only (nothing)


selected 5g/4g/3g/2g (get 2g)


reset network settings and restarted phone


texted ACTIVE to 2020 and I receive back: "Sorry we?re busy right now. Please try again later. You

haven?t been charged for this message"


I have tried to text ACTIVE a few more times and got the same result.


I have swapped the SIM to the second SIM slot with identical results.


I have tried to swap networks manually but only two are available (Telia and Telnord)


I have cycled through airplane mode and manually disabled and enabled the mobile data


I have reset my data alerts, billing date and data limit.


when the ship was in the UK two weeks ago I used the phone as a wifi hotspot to download some youtube and udemy content so the usage went from almost nothing (at home on wifi because COVID) to 6Gb in one day. The only thing I can think of is I am being capped because of fair use.


Does anyone have any ideas?


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Other people on O2 are getting 4G by the way.
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Are you able to try your sim card in one of the other O2 phones @Ochoytnik ?

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