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Stolen phone, replacement SIM, while in Spain

Hi All, 

I know this is a longshot, but I have had my phone stolen while in Madrid (i am working here for a couple of months) 


I won't be back in the UK for 2 weeks to receive my replacement SIM, also its Easter so not even sure it will make it here even if I get it posted. 


02 cannot post a SIM to another address (understandably)


I got a PAYG Movistar SIM (part of Telefonica) that doesnt work in the spare phone I have with me (locked to 02) 


There is a Telefonica flagship store in town, before I head there, does anyone know whether they will be able to activate my UK 02 account on a Spanish Telefonica SIM?


I am fairly anxious to get back online and mobile again, any advice is appreciated!


Many Thanks

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Re: Stolen phone, replacement SIM, while in Spain

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Re: Stolen phone, replacement SIM, while in Spain

@LostinMadrid you will need to get a replacement SIM sent to your UK address and then get someone to forward it on to you. You won't be able to get a movistar SIM working unfortunately. 

Once you receive your SIM you will have to call O2 customer services to have the bar lifted from your account which is placed after reporting it lost or stolen.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: Stolen phone, replacement SIM, while in Spain

Hi M15


I suspect you are right and I am trying to arrange this now. 


This must happen now and again and its a shame that Telefonica is a group by name only and has no way of helping o2 customers across the 3 europe regions that face this issue.


Its a SIM card which communicates with a network. I am not a technical person but I find it difficult to believe that two companies (in the same group) cannot communicate with each other and authorise settings for each other remotely. Otherwise frankly, o2 should be called something completely different in each region as not to give customers the vain hope of getting something like this resolved. 


If anyone from o2 wants to correct me, please do and I will head to the Telefonica shop!


Many Thanks


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Re: Stolen phone, replacement SIM, while in Spain


Having spent 38 years with an apartment in Spain, I understand your annoyance. Movistar  and Telefonica were of no help to me when I wanted a dongle to use in the apartment (before I had WiFi installed) Hearing the words 'we are different' was a shock!.


In fact I got a better deal with Orange ES so used them for my PC and dongle.


I know you have to report the loss of your sim to O2 UK, though if it is urgent and you are without a phone, you could try getting your phone unlocked at one of the many mobile shops in the area.

Failing that, buy a cheap mobile with a Spanish sim...


Best of luck anyway wink

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