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Sim card

I still got the phone card
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Re: Sim card

@ms-310190922 What exactly is it you need help with? 

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Re: Sim card



Wlecome to the Forum


how can we help you, you haven’t mentioned any issues etc.


please also don’t post any personal details as this is a customer forum and not o2 them  Selves.



Need Help, Just ask. We are one big Family here in the o2 Forum.
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Re: Sim card

The username looks like an order number so I wonder if this is a cancelled order and the enquiry is regarding returning the sim card?
In which case, please contact customer services for assistance http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus
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Re: Sim card

We may need to bring the crystal ball out with this one guys, unless @ms-310190922 comes back to explain further...Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Sim card

I read post as they had sent phone back but had forgot to repack sim card.


So they have still got it rolling eyes

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Re: Sim card

Whatever it is, we have no idea. We are all just guessing unless @ms-310190922 comes back to their thread