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Samsung S8 camera blurry

I have just got a handset sent to me from O2 insurance. The phone has been working fine for 3 days, however now the rear camera is blurry.

I have cleaned the lens too.......anyone else have this issue?

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Re: Samsung S8 camera blurry


I think you should ring O2 Insurance and tell them this and that you aren't happy with the replacement.

Do it as soon as possible otherwise they may try to blame you for the camera issues...

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Re: Samsung S8 camera blurry

Does it focus correctly in manual mode?
I would echo @Cleoriff suggestion get it back to them, shouldn't be an issue you have to deal with.

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Re: Samsung S8 camera blurry

Hi @hillst, is your phone's camera still giving you a hard time? Did you get a chance to try out any of the above suggestions?

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