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Roaming Speeds Throttled

I took out an o2 contract with the o2 Travel Inclusive feature giving me use of my phone in the USA, Canada etc.  I understand the limit of 1220 mins and texts per day but I think it unfair that you throttle the speeds when roaming abroad.  Three and Vodafone do not appear to do this.  You have to scour the T&C's to even seen any mention of this.  What are o2 doing about lifting the speed restrictions when abroad.  It's painfully slow.

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Re: Roaming Speeds Throttled

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Every network has issues with Data Speeds in the US, i have roamed on all 4 networks whilst in in various states from Hawaii, via Nevada and many others Florida.


The speeds i got on Ohau in Hawai'i where quicker than in New York or Los Angeles... 


Never had any Issues in Toronto

The only reason i can think of is that the US networks prioritise their own customers above roaming customers. I nearly once got our US Network partner to admit this..

What networks are you roaming on, and what countries?

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Re: Roaming Speeds Throttled

@Ponty79 O2 will do nothing about lifting restrictions on roaming speeds. Your best option is to get a local PAYG sim from AT&T or T-Mobile If you want to use data on your phone in the US.