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Returning an accessorie

Hi was on the phone to o2 the other day and they told me there was a sale on accessories and stuff.I said I would like a wireless charger for my galaxy s7 edge.He told me the price and stuff.But before I ordered I told him there's two types and I would like the new faster one.He said he could only see one and it was for the s6.I know it's works on the s7 but it's not the one I wanted and Its expensive compared to the price of the other one.He said sure you can always send it back.I tried to cancel but I couldn't.so when it arrived yesterday I knew straight away it's the wrong one.Theres no return label!Typical o2.Total joke like.Wat am I supposed to do?

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Re: Returning an accessorie

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Hi @Charlieboyoo You need to contact customer services and explain....Then you return it for a full refund http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus

Policy for returns here http://www.o2.co.uk/help/phones-sims-and-devices/our-returns-and-repairs-policy

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Re: Returning an accessorie

Good luck with that.
Make sure you track it all the way back and keep on to CS until it's cancelled off your account.
Check DD's to make sure you're not paying for it too.
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Re: Returning an accessorie

Also take a photo of the charger to show that it's unused and undamaged.


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Re: Returning an accessorie

If anyone needs a wireless charger and s-cover for a Note 4 I have one going cheap.....Smiley Wink