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Replacement sim

Ordered a replacement sim due to a stolen phone on the 30th DEC, rung multiple times asking about it and then was told it must be missing despite being told to wait longer, ordered ANOTHER replacement sim after waiting hours on the phone, this was 8th JAN, and was told this would arrive Saturday latest, it’s now Tuesday and there’s still NO SIM despite me getting my mail regularly and customer service REPEATEDLY telling me it’s lost, I just don’t believe it one bit that they’ve sent it , and when requesting to get it sent with tracked shipping this THIRD time, they said no and asked for a possible alternate address WHICH I gave then was told they can’t send to alternate addresses. This was over Facebook contact and replies took 5 HOURS each time for such stupid questions which I’d answered previously. The customer service on O2 is absolutely appalling. I’m paying a months bill on contract for absolutely no reason right now , and with this terrible customer service I wouldn’t be shocked if it were another . Can someone with some brain cells answer how I can get a replacement sim and my money back. I’ve missed my train back to uni due to this and have paid a months bill for no reason.
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Re: Replacement sim

Let's see if an O2 online advisor can help. @O2Simon can you please assist @Liv?


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Re: Replacement sim

@Bambino thanks for the tag @Liv will private message you regarding the issues