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Replacement Device cancelled?

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Just after some advice really, as I seem to be getting nowhere with customer service! 

It's a long story, but I will try to keep it brief. 


Upgraded my phone in March, to a like new device. That device was faulty, so I called up and O2 said as it was within 30 days, they would send a replacement. So I sent the faulty device back to them (they received it on 9 April) and I am still waiting for the replacement. 


I've had no communication from them since they agreed the return and replacement (4 April). I have repeatedly called, and been on live chat on the app to find out the status of the replacement. Have been told multiple different things including a 1-3 working day turnaround, a 5-10 day turnaround and that is been escalated etc etc. 

On 3 May I received an email and text notification saying my order has been cancelled!! Nothing else. 

Since then, on live chat they said they had spoken to the returns team who could arrange a new phone, I just had to ring up. 

Called today and they tried to tell me that replacement could not be issued because I had not returned the phone within 14 days. Surely if that were the case, it would have been booked in as a repair! Also consumer rights act states that faulty items can be returned and replaced or refunded within 30 days and this is also the website. 

Now the cancellation is being "investigated" and I will supposedly hear back within 24 hours. Of course I don't expect to, so I will be chasing again. 

Has anyone had similar experiences and been successful getting a replacement device? I'm thinking I would rather have a refund (I got my old device recycled and the payment onto device plan, as well as paying some additional and I've already paid one device payment on 2 May). 

I cannot believe how appalling the customer service has been frankly. I am keen to get this resolved so that I can formally complain. Not sure where I stand on my airtime plan now either - had I know they could not provide a device at the time of upgrade, I would have gone onto a sim only tariff but I don't suppose I'll have any luck getting that changed now. 

Well done if you've read all of this!! 

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Read it. Not surprised these days.

The best we can do is ask @Dave-O2 to give someone within a prod......

Otherwise Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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Just an update on this for those in a similar situation.... still no device. I have managed to get a new order placed with an order number to track; that was on 18 May. They said wait 5-10 days, which I have duly done; and of course just been told the same thing when I enquired yesterday on live chat. It is still under the usual "processing" whatever that means. 

I have a case open with Resolver, which I don't expect much joy from. 
Will be ringing again next week and asking to speak to a manager. 

As I see it my options after that are ombudsman and making a court claim for the money I'm owed. That and cancelling my direct debit so I can stop paying for the device which I do not have. 

Honestly have no idea why it is so difficult to dispatch a phone to me. 

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A few observations :-


1. it is probably not worth you trying to speak to a manager next week. Once you have an open complaint on your record, other O2 teams will be either unable or unwilling to engage with you. 


2. if your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, escalation to the Ombudsman is undoubtedly the way to go. Please see ;


3. my suggestion would be that you hold back on the court action pending an outcome from the Ombudsman. 


4. please do not cancel your direct debit. This will get messy as O2 will sell you perceived debt to a Debt Collection Agency for recovery, and will trash your credit score at the same time. They are ruthless in that regard.


Please keep us updated on developments. 👍  



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Sorry for a late reply; I couldn't log in on my phone. This is all very helpful advice, thank you!

As it's now been 30 days since the second replacement order, that has now auto-cancelled. I see the Communications Ombudsman has dismal reviews, so I'm really not holding out much hope of a satisfactory resolution but we shall see. In the meantime, I'm still going to try and get my device plan cancelled. Then I will have to pursue the refund. 

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