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Recycle Offer

Just received my annual upgrade, Note 9, and this clearly stated an extra £250 trade-in for my old phone when using recycle, which I do every year.  However this year, no leaflet, hence no voucher code!


Using customer service is becoming a joke; wait-times on the phone beyond what might even be considered reasonable, and hopeless 'live chat' now.


Time to cancel and move after several years of paying top-whack packages each year?


Any one else having these issues?

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Re: Recycle Offer

@dazmon best time to call customer service is usually around 8.00am & we always advise getting the best price for your old phone by going to CEX

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Re: Recycle Offer

@dazmon You only have to scroll down or do a search to see the nightmare stories about O2's Recycle program. Take your phone to CEX. You're more likely to get a better deal.

O2's customer service is leaving much to be desired of late. 


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Re: Recycle Offer

100% this is how you do it...

Your note 9 order number IS your voucher code to be added in the voucher field when entering details on o2 recycle site.
You will see after entering the note 9 order number that the £250 is listed as a separate amount.
However, you MUST wait 24 hours after getting Note 9 for the order number to become an active voucher code.