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Poor signal

For the last 9 weeks I have been trying to get in touch with you guys at 02. I have managed to get through a couple of times only to be cut off at some point.

Signal in my area for the last 9 weeks has been poor or even non exsistant.

I have an iPhone my partner has a Samsung s7 and hers is just as bad.

I have checked network service status over the last few weeks which reads network is busy in this area and signal is poor at some times in the day.

How long does it take to sort this out. I really could do with somebody taking some ownership of this problem in this area and getting it sorted ASAP. I have tried calling 02. In one day I got cutt off 4 times. I have details and logs my next option is to stop paying bills and then maybe some one will talk to me
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Re: Poor signal

Hi @Cut 

O2 will never give timescales for fixing masts. It depends on many factors like getting oermission to access land etc. You could download the My Network app and report it through that https://www.o2.co.uk/apps/my-network

You could also make a complaint https://www.o2.co.uk/how-to-complain

The last thing you should do is stop paying your bills. The only loser in that scenario will be you sadly

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Re: Poor signal


O2 won't give a timescale and not paying will just result in a default on your credit score. 

Keep calling or report issue through the My Network app but definitely don't just stop paying.

Service is not guaranteed 100% either and they have it covered in the t&c's

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: Poor signal

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Have you tried reporting the issues on the O2 Network App? Also try phoning them on the landline by going to here to get the number - https://www.o2.co.uk/contactus.

Best time to contact them is 8.30am.
I would avoid stopping the direct debits as it will affect your credit rating and will get a marker on there as a non payment.

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Re: Poor signal

@Cut We are not 'you guys at O2'. This is a customer community. All the replies to you are valid. I would only add that if you stopped paying your bill, not only would a marker go on your credit rating, but it could take you six years to get it removed, which could cause you a world of trouble. I'd rethink that part before you go ahead.


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Re: Poor signal

Hi @Cut 

I can only reiterate the importance of not stopping your payments to O2 it will affect you for years.  

Advices here are from customers with considerable knowledge and experience giving help to other customers. 

Sorry to hear that you have virtually no signal nothing worse when you have a mobile phone.

Take it steady and consider the advices here hope this gets resolved for you soon, good luck TALLTREES 


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Re: Poor signal

By starting a complaint using both the complaint review service and Resoer, you may eventually be allowed to leave your contract without penalty. You may want to think about that should this issue continue for any length of time