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I would like to cancel my account

Greetings. I have moved away from the Uk and have no further need for an O2 Sim card and account which I have, at the moment. May I ask if it is possible for me to cancel my account with O2?

Thank you. 

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Re: I would like to cancel my account

@Brian71 you need to follow this guide to cancel. This is not customer service 


Guide: Cancelling Your Contract 

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Re: I would like to cancel my account

@Brian71 you're not talking to O2 here, we're all just O2 customers. You would need to contact O2 via the telephone or live chat to process a cancellation for your account.
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Re: I would like to cancel my account

Welcome to the forum @Brian71 Wave


I hope the info above helps you sort out your account! Whereabouts did you move now if you don't mind me asking?

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Re: I would like to cancel my account

@Brian71 the guide that @Anonymous linked may not work in your case if you have already left the UK as presumably you wouldn't be signing up to a new UK based service


As that guide says there are 2 options if you don't sign up to a new service


1. Use the original guide which is linked at the top of the new guide and send a letter (tracked where possible) to terminate the service


2. Obtain a UK pay as you go SIM card for a different network and then request a STAC code to give to that network. I don't think the text shortcodes will work from abroad so you will probably have to request this in your O2 online account


If there is still time to go on your contract you will be charged an early termination fee when you use either of those options. The fee should be detailed if you request a STAC code