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Re: Phone randomly barred for some reason

You say See this is what I don't understand. All my payments the past two years have been made on time. From what i gathered on the phone is that they say   " I've been spending more than normal."

That is normally in an email or txt you get from them when they ask you pay toward your recent charges. Been there and had them.

Hate to say but it is under their terms and conditions they can restrict and ask for payment toward any charges.

I know as had this before myself and told its system that adds bar to help prevent charges geting high and people getting into debt. 

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Re: Phone randomly barred for some reason

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Many customers have this exact same issue @natpinngton and as you say, it's all covered in the terms and conditions. It's been a couple of months  now so I'm interested in seeing just how this plays out.