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Phone bill

hello, i am unable to make a payment and my payment for last month has been added onto this month (which is all okay) im waiting to be paid from work but 02 have sent me a message that if i cant pay they will disconnect my contract and i will have to pay £528.00, they also gave me a number to contact them on but I tried to ring it and it wouldnt let me. Anything i can do to be given a little longer to sort out my pay from work to be able to pay my bills?
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Re: Phone bill

You need to speak to customer services about this. If you can’t call 202 from your O2 mobile you can call 0344 809 0202 from any other phone

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Re: Phone bill

This isn't customer service @Amelia and so you need to contact them directly.

You need the payment management team

The number for the payment management team is 0800 902 0217 and until you speak with them your phone will be disconnected until a payment is made.

I'm not sure if they will be open now until after the Bank Holiday.

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Re: Phone bill

Your best bet is to phone them first thing Tuesday morning
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Re: Phone bill

Hi @Amelia  welcome to our community! Sorry to hear that you've been having trouble with payments. Please do have a look at the advice above from our members and let us know how you get on. Did you manage to get in touch with Payment Management? As mentioned above they are the best option for these types of queries. Smiley Happy

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