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Payment Problem

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IV just tried to pay my bill on the O2 app on my phone, but the screen says "payment in progress" with a buffering symbol. its been like that for about 40 minutes and counting. I closed the app and checked my bank and the money has been taken but iv not got an email saying the bill has been paid and its still buffering.


The o2 app crashed and though the money has been debited from my bank account, the o2 app says the bill is still due and no email saying the bill has been paid

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Re: Payment Problem

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Hi @Anonymous I would check again in the morning via the app. It may just be having problems at this time.

If there is still no record of it then you need to contact customer services on the numbers here http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus

Also check your emails again tomorrow

If you have record that it has been debited from your bank there should be no problems at all

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Re: Payment Problem

The O2 sytems and the My O2 site tend to go offline around midnight while the systems update. As advised, call 202 to confirm payment. If O2 say no payment has been made then contact your bank to clarify.

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Re: Payment Problem

Your bank will confirm if payment was successful or not and can recall the money if it's stuck in limbo.
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