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Payed My Bill Last Friday 02 Saying they Not Got It!

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Phoned them up explaining that i have payed the bill because they keep spamming me with phone calls there saying they not got the payment and my bank says the payment is stuck on pending waiting for 02 to get the money its been days now it stuck on pending and am going to get charged 3.50  02 and my bank cant do anything /:

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@XxDarkMarioxX  This is a customer community. No one has access to anyone else's account, nor can they deal with account issues. You'll have to keep on at customer service and your bank to get this resolved.

In future, you really should set up a Direct Debit, which would avoid these kinds of problems.


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I've tagged in the Community Managers to see if they can help you.


@Martin-O2, @Marjo ?




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It may be as well having another word with your bank to see if they can recall it to allow you to make payment again. Otherwise you need to wait until that payment is naturally returned as funds in your bank. Apart from a late payment fee be prepared to have your phone restricted. It's inevitable that you would have to then try to reclaim the fee and any reconnection fee.

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If the payment is still sitting in the pending state with your bank and it has been more than 3 days, you can take it as a given that the payment has indeed failed.

Most merchant will apply to the bank on the first day, the bank then assign it to pending and the merchant normally will take on day 3 which is why a transaction normally will take 3 days to show on your statement. If you are over the 3 days then each bank has a window that it is left pending until it drops back into your available balance. This is different for each bank and with working with payments etc I would guess would range between 7-11 days.

You could ask your bank to do an indemnity on the transaction but most banks are reluctant to do this.

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Hi @XxDarkMarioxX , sorry to hear you've been having issues with your payment. 😞 How are you getting on with this at the moment, did you manage to speak with customer service about it? Let us know if you're still stuck and we can check if we could find out anything on our end.


Cheers for the tag @Anonymous  and all the information above guys @Bambino , @jonsie , @Foddersin ! thumbsup


Edit: just read above that you did speak with customer service. Not sure how much we can do, but in case we can find out any additional information for you or next steps in addition to what's been suggested above at least, I'm happy to check! I'd need some additional information for this though so I'll drop you a Private Message here on the forum shortly!

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Its rubbish that its 3 days before being returned, I paid our bill on the 15th through their website, no text to say received,so thought there was glitch so paid it again on the 18th , still not received !!!! they restricted the phone on the 21st may so had to pay it online again, guess what STILL NOT RECEIVED,

Spoke to bank, all three payments are still pending, on 6th June almost a month after paying the first payment,the bank CANT recall it as its still pending to o2.just waiting on them collecting it, so they had the payments 3 times and are STILL demanding payment and saying there will be a reconnection fee !

spoke to o2 who sent all the info to payments to trace , with all the payment dates authorisation codes etc,who were meant to get back to me ,info went off on the 24th May, guess what no response, its disgusting,

So o2 can restrict your phone when they are at fault and expect you to pay for them to put the service back on, and obviously as they keep losing payments, I wont be paying it again,

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